17 February 2022

Sydney, Australia

Because travelling was not or hardly possible in the past two years, I started looking again at photos from before August 2014, the month in which I started this blog. In 2003 I did not have a digital camera yet, the dvd (for taking screenshots) was still on the rise and the animated film FINDING NEMO premiered on 30 May in the US and 28 August in Australia.
Finding Nemo, 1:27:39
This fifth full-length film by Pixar combines stunning animation with an original story. The young clown fish Nemo is captured by a diver. His distraught father Marlin goes in search of him. Along the way, he is helped by other sea creatures, among them is Dory, a blue tang with acute short-term memory loss. The search takes them to the Australian city Sydney, where Nemo has ended up in the aquarium of a dental clinic. The helpful pelican Nigel saves Marin and Dory from a hungry fellow of the same species.
When we arrived in Sydney in November 2003 after a round trip along the south coast of Australia, Finding Nemo was playing in cinemas.

Sydney Aquarium, Sydney, 11 November 2003
The scene in which Marlin and Dory meet the shark Bruce was shown in an inflatable version on top of the Sydney Aquarium. Inside was a Finding Nemo tank with fish featured in the film. I do not know if that tank is still on display but a visit to this aquarium is definitely worthwhile. I remember that it was quite busy during the day but the entrance ticket was valid all day. In the evening, we went back again and were almost alone. We then saw the platypus happily swimming around while it had been hiding during the day. More information can be found on Sydney Aquarium.

Marlin and Dory arrive in Sydney Harbour in the evening. The Opera House can be seen in the background. It was designed in 1957 by Danish architect Jørn Utzon but due to construction problems was not opened until 1973. The building has become an icon of the city and can also be visited outside performances during a guided tour. Find out more at Sydney Opera House.

Finding Nemo, 1:10:21
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, 9 November 2003

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built between 1923 and 1932. The bridge connects the northern part of the city with the southern part. Internationally, the bridge is best known for its spectacular fireworks during the New Year.

Finding Nemo, 1:10:46
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, 9 november 2003

Although we have not seen them in the harbour, the Australian Pelican is found in large numbers in Australia. We did see some in Merimbula, a coastal town about 500 kilometres (310 miles) south of Sydney.

Finding Nemo, 1:13:38
Australian pelicans, Merimbula, 5 November 2003

After Nigel the pelican has taken Marlin and Dory into his the beak, he flies off with the skyline of Sydney in the background. Besides the Opera House and a small part of the Harbour Bridge, the more than 300 metre high Sydney Tower Eye can be seen. At the top of the tower is a restaurant that spins in 90 minutes.

Finding Nemo, 1:15:08
Sydney, 9 November 2003

Screenshots © Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios