17 June 2019

Kaua'i HI, USA

In the television series FANTASY ISLAND, visitors to the island from the title can make their dream come true. The mysterious island lies in the Pacific Ocean and is owned by the equally mysterious Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalbán). He will make the fantasies of his guests come true, although that fantasy may turn out differently than expected.

Fantasy Island, season 1, episode 3, 0:48:23
His assistant is Tattoo (Hervé Villechaize) who rings the bell at the start of every episode to announce the arrival of the aircraft with new guests. The series started in the United States on 14 January 1977 with two made-for-television movies, followed by seven seasons with a total of 152 episodes. Between 1984 and 1988, British Sky Channel would broadcast an episode every week.
The outdoor scenes were mainly filmed in California. This includes the Queen Anne Cottage, the house with the bell tower from which Tattoo "Ze plane! Ze plane!" shouts.

The opening credits however, an aerial view of a coastline and a waterfall, were made in Hawaii.
The Na Pali coast is located in the north-west of the island Kaua'i and is 16 miles (26 kilometers) long. There are no roads, only a hiking trail. The Kalalau Trail is 17 kilometers long. For those who find this too challenging, the best way to view this green, rugged area is by helicopter or with a boat trip from Hanalei Bay. We have done both and it is great way to discover this area. The Na Pali coast can also be seen in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Fantasy Island, opening, 0:00:02
Na Pali coast (helicopter view), Kaua'i, 22 June 2017
Fantasy Island, opening, 0:00:13
Na Pali coast (boat view), Kaua'i, 22 June 2017

Wailua Falls is a 173 foot (26 meters) waterfall located near Lihu’e, the capital of Kaua’i. The waterfall is next to the main road and thus easy to access. During the helicopter flight mentioned above we also flew over Wailua Falls.

Fantasy Island, opening, 0:00:24
Wailua Falls, Kaua'i, 19 June 2017
Fantasy Island, opening, 0:00:27
Wailua Falls (helicopter view), Kaua'i, 22 June 2017

In 1998 a new series of Fantasy Island was made, this time completely filmed on Hawaii. This revival was not a success. A feature film, filmed in Fiji, was released in early 2020.

Screenshots © Spelling-Goldberg Productions/Columbia Pictures Television