25 March 2016

Glenfinnan, Scotland

Although the characters and events in THE MASTER OF BALLANTRAE, released in 1953, are fictional, the story is set during the actual Jacobite rising of 1745. The rebellion started in Glenfinnan in the Scottish Highlands, a historical location that can be seen in the film.

The Master of Ballantrae, 0:09:16
The British Prince Charles Edward Stuart, better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, wanted the House of Stuart, exiled since 1689, to reign over the United Kingdom again. At the time of the uprising, most of the British troops were on the European continent because of the War of the Austrian Succession. On 19 August 1745, Prince Charles Edward Stuart arrived in Glenfinnan, Scotland. This historical event was not recreated for the film, but the gathering of a large number of clansmen was. They have come to Glenfinnan to express their loyalty to the prince. Among them is Jamie Durie (Errol Flynn), member of Clan Durisdeer.

The village of Glenfinnan in the Lochaber area of the Highlands of Scotland is best known for the railway viaduct (see also Glenfinnan Viaduct). In 1815 a monument was erected to commemorate the raising of the Jacobite standard by Bonnie Prince Charlie. It is a tower with  a statue of an anonymous highlander on top. Obviously it is not in the film, but Loch Schiel can be seen in the background. Both the viaduct, the monument as well as the lake are also on the Scottish £ 10 bank note.

The Master of Ballantrae, 0:11:01
Glenfinnan monument and Loch Schiel, 5 August 2011
The Master of Ballantrae, 0:11:04
Scottish Highlands near Glenfinnan, 5 August 2011

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