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Jökulsárlón, Iceland

In the opening scene of A VIEW TO A KILL James Bond (Roger Moore) is being chased in Siberia by Russian soldiers because of a microchip that he has recovered. The chase was not filmed in the Soviet Union - in the mid-80’s the Cold War was still in progress - but on the Swiss Alps and on the glacier lake Jökulsárlón in Iceland.

A View to a Kill, 0:04:59
This lake, that developed naturally in the 1930’s, contains icebergs that drift towards the sea. The lake is situated at the head of the outlet glacier Breiðamerkurjökull which is part of Vatnajökull, an enormous glacier. This wonder of nature is located in the southeast of Iceland next to the highway and thus easy to access. James Bond finally escapes when he retreats into a submarine disguised as an iceberg, including a hatch with the Union Jack.

Because the glacier and the ice are constantly moving the lake looks different every day. Locations can be recognized by the contours of the mountains in the background. In the first picture the helicopter is exploding and the third picture shows the submarine navigating through the icebergs.

A View to a Kill, 0:04:50
Jökulsárlón, 22 August 2009
A View to a Kill, 0:04:54
Jökulsárlón, 22 August 2009

More than fifteen years later lake Jökulsárlón was again seen in a James Bond movie. DIE ANOTHER DAY is actually set in Iceland.

Connection to the sea of Jökulsárlón, 22 August 2009
Tours are being organized on the lake with amphibious vehicles, more information on Glacier Lagoon. During our tour the guide also told about the shooting of the James Bond movies. The lake is connected to the sea and does not freeze because of the salt in the water. Especially for this film the lagoon was cut off from the ocean resulting in the lake being completely frozen.

Ultimately the ice was so thick that cars and other vehicles could easily ride on it, amongst others for the spectacular car chase between James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and Zao (Rick Yune).

Die Another Day, 1:31:02
Jökulsárlón, 22 August 2009
Screenshots © EON Productions

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