Monday, 28 July 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina

After years of preparation the musical EVITA by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice was made into a movie by Alan Parker in 1996 with Madonna in the title role. She managed to get permission from the president at that time Carlos Menem to film in the historic Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires on 10 March.

Evita, 1:13:11
Here the real Eva Perón spoke to the people from the balcony. The building at the Plaza de Mayo is still in use as the official office of the president but during weekends it is open to the public with free tours of one hour in Spanish and English. Even the office of the current president is included, this is also the only room where it is not allowed to make photographs.

Casa Rosada (‘Pink house’) was named after the colour of the building. In the movie the monumental structure is only seen at night and thus the colour pink is not seen.

Evita, 1:07:13
Casa Rosada, 30 November 2013
Evita, 1:07:40
Casa Rosada, 30 November 2013

The balcony is not part of the tour but the adjoining room is. It gives the visitor an impression of the view that both Eva Peron and Madonna must have experienced.

Evita, 1:10:16
View from Casa Rosada on the Plaza de Mayo, 30 November 2013

Not in the movie but part of the tour are several rooms dedicated to Eva Perón. In Argentinia she is both loved and the subject of controversy, since 2012 her portrait is on a 100 peso bill.

Casa Rosada, 30 November 2013
Casa Rosada, 30 November 2013
Casa Rosada, 30 November 2013

Screenshots © Cinergi Pictures Entertainment / Banco National de la republica Argentina

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