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Kyoto, Japan

Less than four minutes of LOST IN TRANSLATION are set in Kyoto. In the movie it looks as if Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) makes a short trip to this city but even with a high-speed train it takes more than three hours when travelling from Tokyo with a distance of over 450 kilometers. Kyoto is known for its many temples and is nicknamed ‘City of 10,000 shrines’.

Kinkaku-ji, 'Golden temple', Kyoto, 6 December 2014
Just like Charlotte we visited three temples but not the same as she did. There are several walks that connects temples and shrines. Because it was very cold during our visit we only went to see three temples, including Kinkaku-ji, 'Golden temple'.
The history of this Buddhist temple goes back to the year 1397. The current building is located in a setting of gardens and is a reconstruction from 1955.

In the movie the view from the train to Kyoto is shown several times. Mount Fuji could be admired from the train both in the movie as well as during our journey. It is the highest mountain in Japan and actually a volcano, the last eruption dates back to 1709. Fuji is more than 100 kilometers from Tokyo and is visible from the city on clear days.

Lost in Translation, 1:13:36
Mount Fuji, 5 December 2014

Upon arriving in Kyoto Charlotte walks on the platform. The train station was renovated in 1997 when the city celebrated its 1200 anniversary. It is one of the largest buildings in Japan and accommodates a hotel, a department store, restaurants and shops, besides platforms at four different levels. Little has changed since the movie was filmed here over ten years ago.

Lost in Translation, 1:13:56
Train station, Kyoto, 7 December 2014
Lost in Translation, 1:13:58
Train station, Kyoto, 7 December 2014
Lost in Translation, 1:14:06
Train station, Kyoto, 7 December 2014

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